Miguel Figueiredo | The foundations for success.
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The foundations for success.

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Success, or rather the search for success, is often used as a reason for many actions or endeavours. In today’s society it is THE measurement of worthiness for someone’s life or for a company’s existence. Naturally, and thankfully, what success stands for is nowadays a hazy concept that can assume many forms apart from the size of a bank account. It can be measured in  impact over a community, in gratitude, new experiences, personal development, Happiness (another hazy concept) and a hand full of other possibilities.


Scholars have been delving into this fascinating subject in order to come up with formulas that once followed, assure success. And although much ink has been spilt over it, some even from people with much convictions and certainties, the fact remains that the path for success is still a lonely road that one must travel without a GPS and, at most, falling back to an ocasional worn road-sign, or resorting to some fuzzy paper map.


Don’t get me wrong. I think that, like in any journey, those who are in active search for success should prepare and use all means available. So I’m all in for fuzzy paper maps and worn road signs (in fact, I’ll talk about quite a few in another article). The point I want to make is that, at the same time, as in any journey, before you depart, you must first decide where you want to go. Meaning, you must find what success means to you and how does it looks like. And that, only you can tell.


Ultimately, the answer to that question has to do with your purpose in life. It is knowing your purpose that allows you to build a life vision. A vision that tells you what success looks like. With that comes a sense of mission and a drive for action that is crucial to get you going on your journey. That vision will also bring an additional benefit. knowing where to go gives you a very practical compass, so even when you don’t know where you are and how to get out of there, you know in which direction you must focus your efforts. Finding your purpose in life is therefore much more that “just” understanding the meaning of your life. It is paramount to bring you that special security and serenity which will allow you to enjoy the ride of life.


When thinking about this I thought about making a video that would inspire people that haven’t found their purpose yet, to just start the process. The result is as follows. I hope you enjoy it. And if you feel it will help someone, just share it!

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